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Nectar Farms is a premium cannabis company cultivating top-tier flower in Arizona. We believe in providing consistent quality, boutique products, and strains that are crafted in small batches by hand.

About Us

Nectar Farms is an Arizona born cannabis company cultivating top-tier flower and concentrates in Phoenix. Our mission is to bring the valley consistent quality and variety delivering fresh harvests weekly. From our beloved mainstay strains to the best in the latest boutique cultivars, which we continually search for to share with everyone. We at Nectar Farms are driven by our passion for this wonderful plant, grateful we can share this with everyone today.


Nectar Farms is a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO). This involves the cultivation, research, and developing of cannabis and cannabinoid products for the state-regulated medical and adult use cannabis system. The “over the counter” dietary supplement market and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) drug approval pathway for biologically derived substances.

We are engaged in a variety of joint research and development initiatives.  Nectar Farms is committed to advancing the science and technology of how cannabis is researched, developed, manufactured, and consumed on a full spectrum level.

We've got a team of professionals who would be extremely successful in any industry they worked in, and they've chosen the cannabis industry as a way to make a meaningful difference in the world. They believe that cannabis is a plant that can make a meaningful difference in people's lives, particularly people who suffer.
Kendric Speagle
VP of Research and Business Development
We are a connoisseurs choice because we do believe in higher quality, clean medicines. We don't put anything out without test scores, we never have. And it's the terpenes. We have more terpenes in our flower than almost anyone else in the state.
Society / Social Media/Events
Education is essential! When patients have a conversation with us, they leave happy, they leave relieved because they now have some insight and answers to things that people rarely discuss.
Sales and Marketing