OUR Story

Nectar Farms began as a medical cannabis caregiver coop in 2012, and quickly discovered that it would have to transition into a full-scale cultivation facility if it were going to continue to meet the growing demand from the medical market. Jim Ragsdale, Nectar’s founder and Chief Horticulturist, led this transition by using his 30 years of expertise as a specialist in cannabis horticulture to design a model that not only produced bespoke quality cannabis, but also advanced the science of cultivating and processing cannabis through ongoing research and development initiatives.

we take a science-based approach in developing our cannabinoid products.

“HydroOrganic" approach

Ragsdale’s signature “HydroOrganic” approach, was designed to combine the rigorous controls that can only be found in an indoor environment with the level of sustainability and diversity that best come through organic cultivation practices. This approach has enabled Nectar Farms to produce and curate an incredible diversity of premium quality cannabis strains, ranging from some of the more common “mainstay” cultivars to the rarest and newest cultivars in the world. Concluding, Nectar Farms has positioned itself as the cannabis producer of choice for discerning and sophisticated cannabis consumers and cannabis dispensaries in Arizona.